Clínica Latina

We are now accepting patients that have Medicaid and Peachcare!


Clínica Latina is a free clinic for individuals who do not have health insurance and/or live below 200% of the national poverty level. The clinic is presently run on the campus of the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. The present healthcare system is not fully capable of enrolling all these individuals, so there is great demand for the health care services that Clínica Latina offers. In addition to offering health care services, Clínica Latina also offers educational experiences to the people who volunteer in the clinic. We have an interdisciplinary learning opportunity offered to the nursing students, PA students, and medical students of Augusta University.


Through a collaborative network Clínica Latina will strive to improve access to health care for the uninsured in the CSRA

We accomplish this vision by:

  • Respecting the dignity of each individual
  • Understanding and responding to the cultural needs of our patients
  • Working collaboratively with volunteers
  • Fostering individual and community partnerships
  • Maximizing our financial resources


Clinica Latina offers the following services in the clinic:

  • Free consultation with a licensed physician
  • Access to an interpreter
  • Free labs for blood work
  • Discounted prescription orders
  • Ability to schedule appointments online and through phone

You can schedule an appointment with any of our clinics by clicking the link below. 

You may also schedule an appointment by calling 706.940.ALAS (706.940.2527). Someone will call you back to confirm the appointment. You may also send a text message and someone will reply.  Walk-ins are also accepted.

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